Japan’s new births fall to record low in 2023 as demographic woes deepen

The number of babies born in Japan fell for an eighth straight year to a fresh record low in 2023, preliminary government data showed on Tuesday (Feb 27), underscoring the daunting task the country faces in trying to stem depopulation.

The number of births fell 5.1 per cent from a year earlier to 758,631, while the number of marriages slid 5.9 per cent to 489,281 – the first time in 90 years the number fell below 500,000 – foreboding a further decline in the population as out-of-wedlock births are rare in Japan.

I mean… environmental limits? But also the “cost” of living crisis (capitalist construct) is so severe I’m surprised this hasn’t been more of an issue globally. Withholding babies is activism and preventing capitalist reproduction is everyone’s business.