Republicans Push To Legalize ‘Property Owners’ Killing Homeless People in Kentucky

Republican politicians in Kentucky are rallying behind a new bill that would authorize the use of force—and potentially deadly force—against unhoused people who are found to be camping on private property. The bill would also criminalize unsanctioned homeless encampments and restrict cities and towns from preempting state laws. 

The bill, known as the “Safer Kentucky Act,” or HB5, would target homelessness, drug possession and mental illness by drastically increasing criminal penalties for a range of offenses. Introduced last week by Republican state representative Jared Bauman, it already has 52 sponsors in Kentucky’s House of Representatives. A vote is scheduled for this week.  

Obviously a bit US heavy today, but this is just abhorrent. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this paved the way for other western nations to pull the same shit. Conservatives, and I mean that in the broadest and most offensive way possible, are hellbent on your production = your worth. It’s sick.