Colombia extends cease-fire with FARC splinter group in bid to reduce rural violence

Colombia’s government has extended a cease-fire with the FARC-EMC rebel group that was set to expire this week, as both sides hold peace talks in Bogota in an effort to reduce violence in rural parts of the country.

The cease-fire will now last until July 15, according to a decree signed Sunday by President Gustavo Petro, and it requires that the rebels cease attacks on civilians in areas under their control – a crucial measure according to some analysts.

“The cease-fires we have seen (during the Petro administration) so far, have really only limited the clashes between the government and the rebel groups, but haven’t had a real impact on the lives of communities” said Elizabeth Dickinson, a Colombia analyst at the International Crisis Group. “What we get to see now is whether this ceasefire can change that paradigm.”

Colombia’s government in October announced peace talks with the FARC-EMC splinter group after both sides agreed to a three-month long cease-fire.

I hesitate to say “why can’t we all just get along” but… God damn if humans focussed their attention on liberation rather than in-fighting we could overthrow capitalist oligarchs in moments.